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    I'd like to ask for help on some of these questions I have in my mind. I am a first time android user and am using an Xperia J with Jellybean 4.1.2 (not rooted). This is an office issued phone and our security checks it out every end of the week. Do allow me a couple of questions:

    1. Copy and paste text from a text editor and paste it in Gmail(browser)

    I do not use the built-in email program of the android and use Gmail/Hushmail via the browser(usually with Opera Mini / Maxthon or Chrome). Now it's a drag having big fingers when you type the words right then and there.

    My idea is that to type it first via a text editor (.rtf or .txt) and then copy/paste it to the browser window. I tried that using Mobisystems OfficeSuite 7 Pro but I could not paste it there in Gmail.
    Can that be done? Or am I just doing it wrong...?

    Is there an app (possibly a freeware)that I can use for it? Is there something like a text editor that I can use wherein I could type my email body there first(preferably on my leisure) and then copy/paste it in the browser later.

    2. Hide or secure contacts for android.

    How can I effectively secure or hide contacts on my android? Is there an app that can do this effectively, say, without having the danger of locking the contacts and not being able to view/use it or losing them forever..?

    My phone has a filter function in which I can select which contacts to show when you click "Contacts". It isn't a locking or hide feature but I use it for the moment but this could be circumvented if the holder of the android knows how to use the phone.

    Recently have encountered Folder Lock which has that capability but when I import "My Contacts" it crashes and stops working. The sort of behavior when I hide more than 20 pictures using HideItPro..it crashes.

    Might you know an app that you use that is safe for this kind of securing that I ask of...?

    Also, might I ask where the contacts is stored in? Where can I find that folder in my android? Really want to know this so if there is a need I can secure it.

    Well, as mentioned, I am a first time android user and still learning the ropes here. But along this line I really want to be safe and privacy is a priority with me. Please do help me with these questions.

    Thank you.

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