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    Can anyone help on this topic:

    Every now and then calls and txt will not come to my droid. Then all of a sudden they will all come in at the same time. I will have like 10 txt messages and a couple voice mails, but no missed calls. I went to the VZW store and the guy told me to just reboot the phone everyday and that would fix it. It has helped but I also notice every now and then this problem still happens. Like today I kinda noticed the droid was running a little slow so I called it, the phone rang in my ear but the droid never rang, so I rebooted and then it worked fine. But rebooting all the time isn't something I really wanna do. Anyone else have this issue?? I have been reading about people not liking advance task killer, which is on my phone, would this app be causing the problem?? I'm totally confused on this issue... please help...
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