Texas Start up looking for partner 50/50!

Discussion in 'Android App Developers' started by jtbrazil, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Hi I know that this is a weird way to look for a business partner, but i hope this will catch someones attention.

    First off I am not a developer I do not have the technical know how to develop my app, so i am looking for someone that can.

    However I do have the business connections and fiends that are willing to invest in my app, already have agreements, once i have a prototype with the apps basic functionality.

    I know i can pay some company $1000 or so to develop the app, but I really do not have that money to spend right now.

    The app would be able respond to users statements like siri does for the iphone, but unlike siri our app would have suggestive responses with an actual females voice.

    I also have plans about how to advertise in the app and other functions.

    If you are interested inbox me.
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