Texas hire charlie strong

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    No disrespect to Charlie Strong I am glad he has been given a chance at a major university. With that said, good luck Texas you forced out one of the best coached and the guy who put Texas on the map for Charlie Strong. Looks like Nick Saban left you hanging and now you are trying to do a spin job. Let me give you a list of teams who got rid of their winning coaches only to spend so much time in irrelevancy only to miss being where they were at when they got rid of their winning coach.
    49ers getting rid of Mariucci and going through a long unpleasant drought. U of T getting rid of Phil Fulmer and now they can't even compete one of those meaningless bowls. Tennessee Titans getting rid of Coach Fisher and Floyd Reese and now missing both of them. I can continue but my point is you do not get rid of a winning coach because they are in a slump unless you know who you bringing in is better. They did not forget how to coach all of a suddenly.

    I hope for the best for Charlie Strong I really do.

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