Test out an e-commerce theme (favor needed)

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    Hi all,
    I run an e-commerce site using Magneto, an open source web shop platform. There's an extension for Magento that just came out that uses webkit-enabled browsers on Android and iPh*ne to view our catalog in a mobile optimized way.

    I tested it out with my Droid X and my partner's iPh*ne and some things are working on my X and some aren't. For example, I can browse categories and search and use the bottom tool bar (you'll see) but I can't click through the individual product pages (one time I got through to one some how, but I could not view details, add to cart, add review, etc.). The iPhone version works fine surprisingly.

    Could a few of my fellow Droids test the developer's demo site out and tell me what's working for you and what's not quickly? (and also what you think / what Droid you've got?)

    The demo (mobile) site is at m-demo.snm-portal.com. The Developer's site is: mobileTouch - Magento ecommerce mobile SNM-Portal.

    I very much appreciate your time. Thanks a lot.