Terrible service after root?

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    Ok so I rooted my new incredible last night and am trying to figure out if I need to install a new radio update or whatever now. I am having terrible service. I currently have 1 bar in my work or none at some points where my droid had full bars. I simply did the root and installed SkyRaider RC3.

    Any ideas? If you can link something great as I need to fix this asap.

    Just found out GPS is also not working. Map will load but turn by turn directions or the actual app "directions" will not work. Just keeps saying "looking for GPS"

    I have GPS on but it will not actually initiate on the device. The little satellite emblem never comes up on the device even when maps is working.

    Thinking maybe I will try the Ultimate Droid ROM for incredible that launched yesterday as this is very frustrating. I have to have GPS with all the travel I do for work.
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