Temperamental touch function. Help?

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    I have a galaxy S3, the screen was recently replaced professionally (no warranty). It looks excellent and has funtioned perfectly until a few days ago.
    Visually there are no issues, but the touch function has become temperamental. At times, it becomes completely unresponsive - the home, back button etc function as normal, but the screen does not acknowledge my touch at all. This may happen repetitively, or only a few times a day, and can last only a few seconds, or an hour+. Very unpredictable and frustrating. It seems to correct itself equally unpredictably, independent of any pressing/ shaking etc I have tried (will eventually correct even when stationary). This led me to think that it might be a software issue, but I have done a factory restore with no change.

    Also, the screen occasionaly recieves a repetative ghost touch in the upper right corner (hard right, ~10mm from top). This can be corrected by pressing the sleep button and restarting screen.

    Any advice or feedback hugely appreciated, cheers.
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