Team Choas RedRum V. 1.3.1 Released

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    Hi there,

    The bootanimation I was speaking of was carl28's blue limited edition one (awesome, by the way). In terms of battery life, I don't use Juice Defender with Screebl as that combination seems to run the battery down more quickly (from my experience). I actually use Droidwall to configure processes that normally run on 3G to activate/refresh via wifi only. While Droidwall is primarily geared for folks utilizing the Motorola Droid on other carriers with limited data plans, it also works in conserving battery life by disabling 3G as necessary. This app also works well with Screebl.

    Another thing, I have SetCPU configured this way (thanks to a post by cereal killer in the "SetCPU Profiles" thread):

    Regular Use: 250 Min/1000 Max OnDemand
    ** Under "Advanced", sampling rate - 62500; up threshold - 70; ignore
    nice load - 0; powersave bias - 70 (check "set on boot" for this
    option and on the main page. Uncheck "auto-refresh" on main page).
    Charging: 250/600
    Sleep/SB: 250/250
    Power 41%: 250/600
    Power 31%: 250/250
    Failsafe: Temp > 46.4 C

    Since I use gmail for work and personal purposes, I forward new email via text ( When an important email arrives, I activate wifi and sync to retrieve it. 3G is always disabled unless I need it for quick browsing (I use Opera Mini) or navigation. Oh, and "background data" in settings, as well as gps (if you use a lot of gps-enabled apps), can definitely run down the battery. I have those two disabled as well until I need them (which is most of the time).

    This setup works well for me (2 days max of battery life with medium usage) for work and everything else. And I use my Droid a lot for article deadlines; kids' appointments; and some editing/research. I also stay with static wallpapers as the live ones, while nice to show off to other people once in a while, tend to bring some lagginess.

    As for ADW, I'm not sure why yours run on the warmer side. I have the most recent version and removed all other launchers on the device. Following Adrynalyne's post on setting up Spare Parts, be sure to also check "Launcher in Memory". On ADW settings, I unchecked LWP Support and set the scrolling speed to 305. Try to disable the New Drawer as well. My Drawer Columns Portrait is configured to 5 items. Tint AB in UI Settings was unchecked as well.

    Hope this info helped you out a bit :)

    Note: I'm still waiting for this darn battery to run down! I'm now down to 67% since unplugging at 9am yesterday...

    Another thing, if your CPU temperature consistently remains 40C or below, then uninstall Temp Monitor (what I did since I'm using the 1GHz stock kernel that lacks the settings for omap readings... from my understanding, anyway). If you really must have that app, then change your refresh settings to say... 15-20 minute intervals.
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    I just installed this rom using ROM Mgr with data and cache wiped.. I installed setcpu as I felt the back off the phone was getting hot. Temperature was 114F.

    I powered off the phone and wait for like 30 minutes. Turned it back on and it reached to 105.4 and now it fluctuates between 98.6 and 100.4..

    Any idea of how to bring the temps down? I am not using any kernels as my phone is not oced.

    Thanks for the help..