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    - A seven-point buck lost a fight with a 640-pound concrete elk lawn ornament in the backyard of Mark and Carol Brye's home in Viroqua , Wis. last week.

    - The buck was apparently sparring with the lawn ornament. Mark Brye, 58, couldn’t help but laugh about the unusual incident, the La Crosse Tribune reports.

    - "Our son and daughter gave it to us for Christmas four years ago because we like to hunt elk," Brye told the Tribune. "The elk is a nice thing to see every morning. It looks pretty cool, especially on a foggy morning."

    - Brye said he knew exactly what happened when he saw the elk tipped over on its side, but wasn't expecting to find the bucks carcass lying about 20 yards away.

    - The deer shattered its skull. Brye claimed the deer using a deer tag issued by a Vernon County conservation warden. The warden's tag note read: "lawn ornament fight & lost."

    - He took the deer to a butcher and now has a freezer full of venison.