Tablets payone get 2 !!!

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    From 9:00 Mar 14 to 9:00 Mar 18 ( based on UTC) , customers could buy one tablets with one accessary for free The Intel Inside 2-in-1 Tablet Flash Sale -
    Also, Tablets in EU warehouse also have a good price to buy, 50 items for each and will ended in Mar 31
    GPD WINPAD Coupon: GB3RDGPD price:$ 299.99 GPD WIN GamePad Tablet PC-356.18 Online Shopping|
    TbooK 16 Power Coupon: 3rdTbook16EU price:$ 284.13 Teclast Tbook 16 Power Tablet PC-314.45 Online Shopping|
    VOYO VBOOK V3 Coupon: 3rdVOYOEU price:$ 294.12 VOYO VBOOK V3 Notebook-325.06 Online Shopping|
    VOYO VBook V3 128GB SSD Coupon: 3rdVOYOV3EU price:$ 345.57 VOYO VBook V3 Flagship Ultrabook-409.67 Online Shopping|
    Jumper EZpad 5SE Coupon: 3rdEZpadEU price:$ 176.48 Jumper EZpad 5SE Tablet PC-191.73 Online Shopping|
    Cube Talk 11 3G Coupon: 3RDCube price:$ 86.43 Cube Talk 11 3G Phablet-96.55 Online Shopping|
    CHUWI VI10 PLUS Coupon: 3RDCHUWI price:$ 144.99 CHUWI VI10 PLUS Tablet PC-147.79 Online Shopping|
    VOYO VBook V3 Coupon: 3RDVOYO price:$ 402.13 VOYO VBook V3 Flagship Ultrabook-420.98 Online Shopping|
    cube i9/i12 Coupon: 3RDCubei9 price:$ 49.83 Original Cube i9 / i12 / iWork 12 Keyboard-53.93 Online Shopping|
    cube iWork Coupon: 3rdiWork10EU price:$ 46.66 Original Cube iWork 10 Flagship / Ultrabook Keyboard-50.44 Online Shopping|
    cube Coupon: 3rdCubei7 price:$ 41.98 Cube i7 Book Original CDK09 Keyboard-45.59 Online Shopping|
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