Tablet for 5y/o boy Kurio vs Nabi , need some help or advice

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    I Have Sony tablet for 2 years and I am very satisfied. It was $600 and it would be vary bad if Sony doesn't satisfy me :)

    Now need some tablet for 5y/0 boy, and tought to give them my Sony and take new for myself, but looked around, and foound that exists something called "kid tablets". Well that makes sense, because I am sure that my tablet in 5y/o hands will be dead in about... 3 minutes :) So found more kid tablet models, but my choice will be one of those two. I just don't know which is better. I am not so concerned about tablet performance, more I think about safety (for example which is harder to broke? is case elastic enough? and similar questions) So if you bought any of those for your kids tell me your experience which of those 2 should I take:

    Nabi 2 kids (~$200)



    Kurio kids (~$150)

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