T-Mobile Was Planning to Eliminate Employer Rate Discounts but Partially Reverses

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    Earlier in the week, John Legere, infamous CEO of T-Mobile, made the unpopular announcement that T-Mo was planning to eliminate all employer rate discounts. (For those who don't know, an employer rate discount is basically a 10-15% discount on monthly rates for employees of companies who sign a large group contract with the carrier. For example, let's say you worked for Cox Cable and they had a contract with T-Mobile so that their employees could get monthly rate discounts. If you sign up with T-Mobile, you would just need to prove you were an employee of Cox Cable to qualify for the discount.)

    This is what Legere had to say in a blog post,

    This new policy was intended to continue with T-Mobile's plan to offer one, simple affordable rate plan for everyone. Of course, there was a huge outcry regarding this new policy shift because there are quite a few T-Mo customers out there who are currently receiving employer rate discounts. Because of this outcry, T-Mobile decided to partial reverse their announcement. Originally, they planned to eliminate the employer rate plan with all customers, both old and new. Now the new policy will only apply to new customers. Basically, anyone who already is receiving an employer rate discount from T-Mobile through their employer's contract can keep their "grandfathered" employer rate discount.

    T-Mobile will simply not offer an employer rate discount to any new customers going forward. Wise move T-Mo... you could've lost a ton of customers from that one.
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    Back when I was employed, my employer had a contract with ATT. The discount was hyped as an employee benefit. I wonder how many employers will look for a new carrier?
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