T-Mobile CEO Crashes AT&T Marketing Event and Gets Ejected

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    It looks like this year's CES is getting started with a resounding bang. Just yesterday, the famed movie director Michael Bay had a melt-down at a Samsung press event and walked off stage. Now we have word of some new drama from late last night. AT&T was holding a posh press party at the Palms Hotel in which they had the musician Macklemore entertaining folks. T-Mobile's CEO John Legere is apparently/supposedly a big fan of Macklemore so he "decided" to crash AT&T's party. This was a brash and bold move from Legere, which is par for the course for this unconventional CEO.

    Obviously with his tweets this made for some great press for T-Mobile. Unfortunately for AT&T, their security made the poor choice to expel Legere from the event, which only lead to even more free publicity for Legere and T-Mo. To be clear, Legere made no attempt to be sneaky or underhanded and did not try to conceal his identity. He also didn't try to make a scene or a fuss, but he was hearing his magenta T-shirt with a T-Mobile logo underneath his leather jacket. This makes AT&T's decision to boot him seem even more pathetic. Here's a quick quote with more of the details,

    Some might call John Legere crazy, but still others might just say he is simply "crazy like a fox."

    Source: recode.net
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    America's favorite wireless ceo on America's least favorite network. He is doing what he needs to do to get people talking about his company because as of right now it can not stand on its own merit. Problem is that people get excited until they pop the t-mobile sim card in their att phone only to realize it is not as good. Still I like the shake up and continuing to root for them because they are truly shaking things up at least for at&t.
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