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    Hi everyone, I've recently bought a Droid 3 and decided to ROM it....... I've chosen Steel Droid 4.5 ROM because it's the one that better looks for me.

    When I'm about to start the procedure I realice that my System Version is 5.1.790.XT860.AmericanMovil.en.01 and that SD 4.5 requieres another Sys V........ the problem is that I'm not a Verizon user, my carrier its Claro ( I'm from Argentina)............does someone knows If I'm able to installa the SV that SD4.5 requieres without loosing my phone forever or so?

    Extra info, I have a stock nandroid done, dont really know if it is of use, but just wanted to let you know........if something goes wrong ( instaling de SV) will the nandroid backup solve it?

    Thats all for the moment
    Thanks and scuse me for the inconvinients
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