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    I flashed PE4.2 and now I have major problems. I did all the usual, wipe, format, etc. I have flashed roms for 6 months and never had these problems. My apps will not download from the market. When I try to clear the cache, the app mgr says computing and wil not let me. I get a lot of system FC.
    TB will not restore my backups. It just "thinks" but will not perform the function.
    I have flashed a backup but the problems still exist.
    When I go to manage apps and press sd card, nothing shows up. I pulled the card and inserted it in my computer and I can access the contents.
    When I try to usb connect to the computer, it will recognize the phone but the phone will not communicate with the computer even though all the drivers are there. Someone please help. [​IMG]

    Edit- I found I can restore all system info from TB but not any apps.
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