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    Hi guys,

    In my quest to understand more about android (and get that dang 100 increment Superbattery to work) I came across posts that said that the Motorola Droid's driver only reports its battery in 10% increments.

    So I went snooping around /system/ and found a file called wl1271.bin in the "/system/etc/firmware/" folder.

    I'm wondering if this is the driver they are referring to. If so, what program would I use to open it? I understand it's a binary file and could be opened with a bunch of different programs, but I'm curious as to what is the correct one to use here.

    Also - how do you view (and edit) .ko and .so files? I want to go snooping around those as well to see if I could find something in regards to the battery reporting.
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wl1271.bin download