/system/bin/sh missing su

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    /system/bin/sh missing su and mtdblock3/4

    I know I have seen this posted on here and just cant find the post when im in custom recovery and shell in type su
    I get /system/bin/sh su not found
    do i have instant root accesss or am I missing something here...wish i could find that post yyped in search /system/bin/sh su not found searched by post and cant seem to find it and hate wasting space on hacks section here which i know some gurus gonna post and solve my question:motdroidvert:

    edit figured id ask this too i see cmd lines that use mtdblock3 others mtdblock4 like custom recovery i did it with mtdblock3 but i see a tutorial posted using mtdblock4 can anyone shed light here when using them thx
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