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    EDIT: I figured out the best way, at least for me, to do this and allow for maintaining extra room. This is still sort of buggy, especially after a reboot, but seems to work nonetheless.

    Using Root Explorer, I move to system > apps and select the apk files from system that I no longer want there. Be VERY CAREFUL HERE! Most of these apps you do not want to move. Then, I tap Move and then I paste these files back into data > apps. From there, I install the apps. This moves the file location from protected systems file to the normal data file for easier manipulation. Then, either within the application settings or using Titanium backup, I move the apps to SD. This allows me to use the new maps update (9 MB) and move it to the SD card. Same with Quickoffice and YouTube. I know for some this is old news, but I had forgotten about doing this (some ROMs do this automatically.)

    1. Open (or buy first) Root Explorer
    2. Navigate to system > apps
    3. Click R/W (at top)
    4. Select apk files you want to move to SD card (I suggest mostly only emails, youtube, maps, quickoffice, etc)
    5. Navigate to data > apps
    6. Hit paste
    7. Click the apk file you pasted in
    8. Select install
    9. After all of the apks files you moved back been installed, navigate to Titanium Backup (or Settings > Applications > Manage Applications)
    10. Select the newly moved apps and move to SD (long press and move to SD in Titanium; just tap Move to SD in Settings just have to make sure the ROM settings allow you to move ALL apps to SD enabled)
    11. I did a reboot here since I was playing in the system files folder of the system root.

    BONUS: At this time, I used Titanium Backup and went to extra options and deleted the Dalvik cache, had 12.3 Mbs in there. Made a difference as well. Now I can update to new maps without wasting 4 MB of additional precious internal space.
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