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    So as I've said in the few other threads I've posted recently, I just rooted and installed Jrummy's thing yesterday and have been having some problems with it.

    I started with 15ish random contacts out of my old book, and none of my other one's after my first sync.

    I had all my apps AND data stored on several things, such as my gmail account, lookout mobile security app, and mybackup app. NONE of them will sync my contacts back. I have tried syncing thru gmail, but it either says it cannot sync, it has synced (I checked my gmail and I have 80 contacts,), or it just stops syncing.

    Any advice on something I need to switch would be greatly appreciated.

    EDIT -- Got them back around a minute after posting this. Don't know why but hey whatever as long as it works. Feel free to delete this mods.
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