Syncing task calender ?

Discussion in 'Android Forum' started by asumofparts, Aug 31, 2010.

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    I have searched for an hour but most be using the correct search terms

    My main google account is set up in the calender. When I look at the list there is also the holiday calender which can be turned on or off. I can create new calenders in Google calender online say " Misc calender" and when I go to the calender on the droid it is listed and I can check or uncheck it to see it in the droid calender.

    The task calender wont however sync. Its not even on the list. It would seem to be a calender online but doesnt show up on the droid.

    Trying Gtasks and I love being able to categorize the tasks into lists for project management purposes and entries show if dates show up on the online calender but not on the droid calender.

    Jorte is awesome and places tasks with a do date on the online and on the program .. but I really wanted a way to break things into projects.

    Remember the milk .. tried it and leaves me flat. Way complicated and the $25 bucks seems way expensive and why would I want to purchase that if I have a google account with tasks and calender already.

    Tried astrid but if I remember it doesnt sync completely with google online.

    So best and most cost effective solution would be to be able to see the Task calender in the calender on the droid .. there just has to be a way