SwiftKey now has MultiTouch!

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    Hello everyone!
    We’ve just issued an update to the SwiftKey Beta app on Android that incorporates several improvements that we're happy to finally bring you.
    Firstly, the voice recognition functions have been improved to fix various bugs that were brought to our attention. This includes the '##' error that many reported, several issues with the overall integration, and disabling the right swiping gesture to activate it, after several users reported this being triggered with minimal or no swiping actions.
    We've also worked very hard to reduce the intermittent lag that some users have reported since the last update. This has been difficult for us to detect as there was no obvious cause, but we think we've found the culprit and we're very keen to hear from you if you continue to experience serious lag or any other major issue with the responsiveness of SwiftKey.
    We’re also deploying our first multitouch update today, and we're keen to hear from you on how it improves things. Multitouch is something that many advanced users have been requesting from day one, and we've been keen to roll it out as we think it really speeds the fastest typists up! So let us know how you find it.
    We've also improved a number of other issues and fixed various bugs, as explained in our changelog, as follows:
    The following features have been added in the latest SwiftKey Beta release for Android smartphones:
    - Improved voice recognition integration
    - Prototype multi-touch compatibility implementation
    - Improved case handling
    - Deactivated swipe-right VR launch function
    - Reverted internal view class (suspected lag culprit
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