Sweet [APP] Android Remote Phone Tools!

Discussion in 'Android News' started by DroidModderX, Sep 18, 2012.

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    Most Technology lovers AKA Geeks have been in this predicament on one or two occasions, you need to charge your phone but you just can't set it down long enough to do said task! Problem solved! App developer "Floyd1973" has created an app "Android Remote Phone Tools" which allows you to check just about everything on your phone without having to actually touch the phone itself. This could come in handy in times where you really just need to plug up the phone and let it be so that it gets a good charge. Your phone is plugged into the PC's Usb port and with a few clicks you will be able to read and write SMS, shift notifications to your PC and more!

    You will also be able to:

    - See battery status (icon and percentage)
    - See airplane mode whit possibility to switch on/off
    - See all contacts stored in smartphone
    - See different number from same contact
    - Manual update of loaded contacts
    - See all threads message
    - See all message from a number
    - Manual update of loaded threads
    - Contact search function (name and number)
    - Thread search function (name, number and content of last message)
    - Send new message to existing thread number
    - Send new message to contact number
    - Send new message to never know number
    - Play ring on notification (default or chosen by user)
    - Stop ring at fixed number of seconds
    - Show balloon notification for events whit different level chosen by user
    - Automatic connection stabilized

    This APP is currently in Beta. You can grab it now via XDA
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    Sounds handy.
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    Installing TeamViewer on your computer and TV QuickSupport on your Android device let's you remote access your device already. But I guess more options are a good thing. :)
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