[Support Thread] Problems with Applits? Need help? Post here!

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    Applits Support

    Hi everybody,

    If you have any problems with the Applits website, any questions about what we do, or would like any assistance whatsoever, I'm here to help!
    Simply post a reply to this thread and I will reply ASAP! I'll be frequenting DroidForums for the duration of our sponsorship here, and can't wait to work with the community to make sure your experience at Applits is as enjoyable as possible!

    --- FAQ ---

    Q. Why does my smartphone app idea say it was denied right after I submitted it?

    A. This is just a bug! We are currently in the process of adding a "pending approval" status to the site, so it won't be a problem too much longer! Please note that when your submission is either approved or denied, you will get a notice in your "notification center" in your user control panel!


    Q. Where is my user control panel, where I can see submitted ideas as well as my notification center?

    A. Your User CP can be accessed by clicking your username at the very top of any page on the site. Via the menu items on the left, you'll be able to see your submitted ideas, your notification center, etc.


    Q. When do I get to see everyone else's ideas?

    A. During Voting week! See that huge count-down timer at the top right of every page of the site? That is counting down to voting week. During voting week, everyone who submitted an idea throughout the month gets an e-mail with a link to where they can find their idea(s) submissions. At this point, you can tell your friends to come and vote for your idea. If your idea gets up-voted more than anyone else's, you win the grand prize and we develop your app!​