Supertux port for Android?

Discussion in 'Android Games Discussions' started by dpw2atox, Jan 18, 2010.

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    I also posted this in the developers forum spot but since it is a game, i figured it might fair better here.

    I have seen a few Linux games slowly being ported over to the droid such as Frozen Bubble. I was curious if anyone knew if SuperTux would be ported as well or if anyone was considering porting it?

    For those that don't know, SuperTux is basically a lot like Super Mario except with a Penguin and fish instead of Mario and gold coins.

    SuperTux has been ported to tons of platforms including Palm, iPhone, Symbian, Pocket PC, etc.....

    Full list of the Ports:
    SuperTux Portable - SuperTux

    The main reason i ask is while there are tons of games on the Android Market, I havent really seen any 2d side scrollers like this yet.

    Thanks in advance.
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