Super Debloated Rom For The Galaxy S6

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    Touchwiz happens to be lighter than its ever been, but it is even lighter when you use the first ever debloated Rom for the Galaxy S6! "XtreStoLite" is the lightest Touchwiz you will ever see. It weighs in at only 672MB. The rom is developed by developer "Sculk" and is based on the latest OCG Lollipop 5.0.2 firmware. This is the Pure Edition Odexed with 100% original un-modified files. This is described as an AOSP like rom with the touchwiz launcher and UI.

    More than 1.5GB has been deleted from the stock rom freeing up some precious storage space. This rom does include the samsung keyboard, gallery, camera, dialer, messages, music, alarm, and calculator apps. Root is fully integrated. Knox is fully removed. Other features include native call recording, and optional CSC tweaks. Grab this Rom from the link below.

    via XDA
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