Super Action Hero v1.0.0

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    Super Action Hero v1.0.0
    Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
    Overview:he greatest action mobile game is finally coming to your smartphone!
    Super powerful action game with unique cartoonish character!《 Super Action Hero 》!


    ✔ Awesome Battles!
    Various attack patterns and fancy effect. And awesome action with fatal blows and great effects!

    ✔ Ally System: your hero is no longer alone!
    You have a total of 4 (maximum 6) allies and each has unique character, use them for better strategies!

    ✔ Over 100 missions in this massive game!
    There are 15 planets in total, 12 type of main missions, 16 types of sub missions and a total number of 101 missions!

    ✔ Become stronger!
    Hero can become stronger, as well as his masks and weapons! Use different techniques to become invincible.

    ✔ Create your own gear in the Gear Editor!
    You can use gears you created in-game or share them with other players!

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