Sunday Evening Chat July 6th

Discussion in 'Android News' started by pc747, Jul 6, 2014.

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    Hope you all have had a happy 4th of July weekend with friends and family. We have been busy this week not only in the android world but here on this forum.

    To start this site received a major software upgrade so great job to the owners and staff involved. To learn more about what was done see this thread:
    So hopefully you guys enjoy the changes as much as we do.

    LG G Watch Rooted ( We all knew it was not a matter of if but when. I personally am curious what developers can do with an open watch, still even if the Moto 360 is locked down tighter than Ft Knox I will still be buying it. For those buying an android wear watch will the ability to root dictate your decision?

    Underrated: We all hate buying a device or rooting for a team that is overrated. On paper everything looks promising but in the real world it just do not live up to the hype. But as much as we hate overrated we root for the device (or team) that is underrated. It's not suppose to be in the conversation and yet it is holding its own against the big dogs. Last year the Moto X was the most underrated device of they year. Based on the specs motorola had put out no one gave it a chance. Now it can be said that the Moto series of devices, starting with the Moto X, have changed the landscape of the mobile world. What device or oem will end up being the most underrated of this year?
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    I still can't believe the X isn't a bigger hit. The phone just works. I haven't hit any of the usual pitfalls that crop up on phones after 6 months of use. I remember my Razr, the first few months was a beast. But a couple of updates in suddenly the thing ran more like a slug. Factory resets were painful and the increase in performance only lasted a short time.

    The Moto X is by far the best phone I've ever used and the fact that more people aren't buying/using it is baffling to me.