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    I personally like hearing what people have to say as far as Android and tech is concerned. Whether you agree with me or not I personally like reading your take and getting a different perspective. For most of us Sunday evening is the last moment to unwind before you get back to the daily grind. I personally use that time to get in some NFL football and browsing the web. That gave me an idea of a weekly article where I post a few (Android related) vids and articles I find on the web and open it up for an open chat session. Three articles caught my attention.

    1) MKB review of the galaxy round. Found that review interesting and had me thinking. When Samsung first released the Note people did not warm up to that device, but Samsung was the first to go phablet (technically Dell was first but many recognize Samsung Note as the first) and took a huge risk. Now the note brand has increasingly grown into more and more consumer hands. So do you see Samsung doing it again and changing the industry with the round?

    2) Getting To Know Android 4.4 KitKat Edition - Android Gets Cleaner, Brighter, More Useful
    As I posted in another thread, this article does a good job pointing out and comparing 4.4 Kit Kat with the previous version of JB. What do you guys think of Kit Kat and where would you like to see Google go from here?

    3) Motorola/Google. Earlier in the week I wrote an article comparing the Motorola X to the Nexus 5 and a few commented about the Nexus and the Motorola marketed to different people (good point by the way). My question following a statement here is that it is obvious that Google is trying to extend their Nexus brand beyond "geeks" (just look at the ads for the Nexus 7 tablets). I personally think Google is using both the Nexus and Motorola X to test the market and use what they learn to change the face of both Motorola and Nexus devices to change how we view software on a phone. How can Google utilize both the Motorola brand and Nexus brand to serve the diverse Android market ?
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