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    A little android, sports, fitness, and more. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

    Looking at a previous story, Modernizing the Pocket Watch | Android Forum at, I continue to be amazed as we head into the final half of the year at the products and services that peaked our interests 6 months ago from today. Sling TV, Huawei Android Wear, LG announcing a higher tiered device, and Google's Pony Express all peaked my interests back in March. Six months later and only Sling TV has managed to live up to the hype. Huawei's watch looks nice but the Moto 360 (2) seems like a better package for me, I have not seen or heard from LG's higher tiered device (or if I had it must not have been spectacular as no one is talking about it), and the Pony Express story hasn't made any waves as of yet.

    I really would have liked to see a modern take on the pocket watch. Though it would be a niche device, if packed with a committed manufacturer, I think they could have made a few sells. Of course they would have to release a limited number to avoid taking a loss but in an age where fashion resurfaces, this is a gamble I think was worth the risk.

    Are there any topics back in March that lived up (or failed to live up) to your expectations?

    NFL Football is back and Americans are crowding bars to catch some Week 1 action. Feel free to shout out your team and your feelings on their chances this year. And remember that Week 1 does not mean a thing. Last year after Week 1 experts had the Titans being a potential contender and by week 11 they were only in contention for a top draft pick. So do not get up or down based on Week 1 performances.

    Haven't done a Fitness Friday thread in awhile but I continue to strive daily to continue to get fit. Every day I continue to learn more as I continue on my journey. But the most important thing that I have come to learn is that when it is all said and done you leave this world the same way you arrived with just you and your body. No matter your faith, race, creed, or nationality, we only get one body (physical). If you are lying up with a heart attack or stroke the reality kicks in how alone you can feel because no one else at that moment share the pain and fear you are feeling at that moment. All the looks of concern, the "hang in there", the prayers, all that are nice but do not take away the pain or fear. Some things in life we just have no control over; our race, our parents, what other will do or say, but the one thing we can control is how we treat our bodies. It is amazing how much our bodies do for us and how it responds to the challenges of the day. Yet we find ourselves putting the cares of our employers and the world over our health. But when we are gone or even when we are laid up in the hospital you look around to realize that the world will not stop. "Sorry for your pain or loss but the show (business) must go on". So please remember to take care of you so you can be around to take care of the business you need to take care of on this earth.

    Autumn is fast approaching as school is back in session, football is back on tv, leaves are falling, night are cooling, and fall tv is making its way back on the air. So take a breath of fresh air, look around, and just smile.