Sunday Evening Chat: 6/29/14

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    Google I/O: This past week we talked about every thing from Google talking about Android Auto(, Android Wear (, Google L (, and Android TV. And got a sense of the direction that Google is going with their software. And if you own a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7 2013 you can preview the Google L software ( I personally am running it on my Nexus 5 (

    What did you like about what was revealed at Google I/O and what did you dislike?

    Nexus still alive: There were rumors that Google may replace their Nexus program with Google Silver, thankfully that is not the case and we will continue to see Nexus devices (

    So will this be the year we finally see a Moto Nexus or will it be another LG year?

    ChromeOS: Chrome was talked about as well at Google I/O everything from improving the Chromecast to bridging the interaction with Android with ChromeOS.
    Where do you think Google needs to go with ChromeOS for it to really take off?