Suicide Squad Extended Cut, is it worth it?

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    Batman V Superman Ultimate Cut was better than the original to the point that some do not even acknowledge the theatrical version. So after fans were a little put down at the lack of a Joker presence the question have to be what happened to the scenes that Jared Leto was excited about?

    Well if you thought by paying for the extended cut you would get them....well you may be slightly disappointed. Yeah there are a few more scenes but I would just wait until they make their way onto Youtube.

    Overall I did not like Suicide Squad. In fact I would recommend those wanting to see a Suicide Squad movie check out this version (DCU: Batman: Assault on Arkham - Movies & TV on Google Play).

    If you liked the movie and was wanting to see more then the extended cut may be for you. If you was on the fence and was hoping the extended cut would fill in the holes like BVS Ultimate did for BVS then you may want to pass on this one.
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