Suggestions for Rooting Method - ADB?

Discussion in 'HTC ThunderBolt' started by gstewart, Sep 25, 2011.

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    Hey there! Mostly I lurk and I have been trying to find the answer to this on my own but after a few days of trying to find the answer and feeling like I'm just as confused as ever, I am reaching out to the forums for a maybe answer.

    SO I've been wanting to root for forever, but we were in the process of moving so I decided to wait til we had internet in our new place. That time has come.

    Here's my issue: I don't want the "easy root". I want to learn as much about my phone as possible in the process... I'm a huge geek who loves to know how things work and I learn best by doing = I want it to be as detailed as possible. This means that the "one click" options are out and I want something that details the ADB, correct?

    The only really detailed ADB-based directions I found was from when the phone very first came out and required a downgrade.. is this still the case? I do plan on booting a custom ROM (haven't decided which yet, but I plan on trying a few before I settle--AOSP really intrigue me. But so does the Sense 3.5) but I didn't know if downgrading then upgrading again made a difference in what new ROM I could choose.

    And last question, that I'm almost positive I know the answer to but that I need to ask for peace of mind. My pictures and ringtones are on my SD card. Apps should come back through Android/Amazon markets respectively. I've backed up my SMS and Call-logs. I could care less about my Angry Bird and Fruit Ninja scores. I change my homescreens on a whim anyways. So that leaves my contacts and my question.. I've read that my contacts automatically backup to Google. Is there any way I can double check this before I go erasing everything? And is there anything else that I should back-up that I haven't thought of?

    You guys are seriously amazing. Thanks in advance for the help.