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    I have/had ---

    Baseball Scores- looks like it will be very detailed and shows ALOT of statistics...but has no widget to get updates on screen.

    Live Scores- same as above pretty much. .....but no widget.

    SportsTap- Has widget! But the widget set-up is odd. My favorites show up...but when i scroll through it shows scores from several games ago. Then stops showing all my teams. I have Celtics,Pens,Bruins it shows them first scroll then only the hockey scores from each past game....very undependable! Drove me nuts!

    Google Scoreboard- Has widget! I love the set-up! BUT! Never works consistently...
    Reads "loading........." waaaaaay to often! Wish this WORKED!!!!!!!!

    Perhaps someone knows a better score tracker---widget---app ANYTHING!
    That works better..even if it costs money!

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