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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by comk4ver, Jan 10, 2012.

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    This is a suggestion however, I'd like to think that the solution is already out there!
    Most of us are already on our second or insert your number phone and use our old phones as mini-tablets or media servers.
    I was thinking that even though we already have notifications for open unknown wifi networks but we should also have automatic connect to open unknown wifi connections.
    The problem is that obviously android/google isn't going to baby-sit and warn us when the phone has connected to a bogus, fake, scammer, hacker's wifi just waiting for our precious bank account and passwords... However, this auto connect system should also come with the ability to grade and warn each other as to the safety of an unknown open network or have a built in network checker to see what route our information goes once it's on said network...

    However, there are pros and cons to this

    1) We'd save more battery wifi radio is less taxing on our battery hungry devices
    2) We'd also save our data usage due to data throttling from our carriers and therefore extra charges from said carriers for overages
    3) Built-In network security checker

    1) Personal information would still be at the mercy of hackers because of their innate ability to exploit and find new ways!

    comments, questions, concerns?
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