Stupid Verizon Activation Servers are DOWN

Discussion in 'Android General Discussions' started by JimmySVT, Jun 6, 2011.

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    I thought i bricked my phone earlier this evening install SS 5.4

    And yeah i know i'm still on a droid 1, and i am eligible for an upgrade.

    So i finally finish using RSD Lite, and flashing a new SBF to my phone after using 3 different SBF files and finding one that finally worked. So, i've been trying to active my phone for 1 1/2 hours. Finally called Verizon, and the chick is like "Our activation servers are down, thats why you can't activate your phone."

    Geez thanks, i hope i'll have a phone that works tomorrow by time i go to work............ :cus:
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