Stuck in AP Fastboot Flash Mode

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    I have a Droid Razr (one of the first to come out, I got it April 2012). Last night, I went to my highschool's football game and had my phone in my pocket all night. When I got home, I plugged in my charger and my phone wouldn't come on, but it was flashing the red notification light. I gave it a few minutes before holding power+volume down to reboot it or whatever. Then it automatically came to this screen:

    AP Fastboot Flash Mode (S)
    eMMC Info: Size 16G
    To return to normal mode - first press power key to power down
    Device is LOCKED. Status Code: 0

    Battery Low (now says Battery OK)
    Cannot Program (now says OK to Program)
    Connect USB
    Data Cable

    Since then, i've played around and gotten it to the battery charging screen a couple of times and let it charge, which it does, but it immediately goes back to this screen if I press anything. (the charging changed the battery and program status). If I press power+vol up+vol down and go to the Boot menu thing, I can't use volume up to select anything or volume down to scroll, and anything I do brings me back to this screen. Please help!

    By the way, my Droid Razr is not rooted or anything. Completely normal.
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