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    I am currently stuck in ADB and need to move files from my internal storage to my computer.
    Background info:
    I created a backup in TWRP and for some reason when I did that my internal storage has another folder added to it called '0' which from that point on stores all my files. Using ES file explorer I moved all my files from within that folder out of it into the broader internal storage area where they were prior to creating the backup. However when I went to flash a new rom i found that i couldn't access the downloads folder that is usually in the internal storage area. I decided that because I had already wiped everything and needed to restore something I would go to the restore that I had just made. Unfortunately that was among the files that i moved and so i could no longer access it from within twrp. I did however have to restores that were stored on my sd card external storage. I chose the most up to date one and restored it. However it took only 81 seconds to restore and when i rebooted the phone it immediately takes me to the adb screen. I cant go to the recovery or power on the phone without being taken to the adb screen. This isnt a problem seeing as ill use the razr hd root utility to flash stock back on the phone. My questions however are as follows.
    1) does moving files such as twrp backups corrupt them?
    2) Is there anyway I can access and move files from adb to my computer so that when i restore my phone I'll have something to work with as opposed to losing everything?
    Any help is appreciated.
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