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    Aside from the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you can use the solutions below for all other recent Android and Apple smartphones and tablets.

    Solution 1: A DVD drive with build-in media server capabilities such as the Samsung Optical Smarthub.


    Aside from being able to use this drive as an external DVD drive, it has the ability to connect to a home network by means of Wifi (or wired if you prefer).

    Its main feature is the build-in media server, which enables it to stream video content. You can use a USB stick filled with movies, but it is also capable of streaming an actual movie DVD.

    With its helper Smarthub application, available from Google Play for Android (link), Apple iTunes for the iPhone and iPad (link) and Amazon for the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX (link), you can access the DVD as it was intended to be played, with menus and scene selection options all intact.

    I picked one of these up myself about a year ago, and posted up a review here if you are interested:

    SmartHUB SE-208BW Review - WiFi DVD Drive part 1 | Tools4Movies | DVD Catalyst 4

    The device is a bit tricky to find these days. Amazon stopped selling it, and while it still can be found, prices fluctuate a bit.


    Access a DVD movie on a tablet/smartphone without converting it first.


    Constant WiFi connection required, which drains the battery of your device fairly quick.

    Hard to find and thus possible pricey.

    Software is a little finicky.

    Solution 2
    : Your DVR


    There are a variety of different media server solutions that have the ability to stream movies to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Some, such as Snapstream Beyond TV (link) are capable of streaming live TV by means of a TV card installed in your computer. The software turns your computer into a Tivo-like DVR, enabling you to schedule/store TV recordings, and it includes a build-in webserver/video conversion component to stream the recordings (or live TV) to an Android or Apple device.

    You can also use devices such as Slingbox ( - Turn Your Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet into a TV) which you can connect to any device that connects to your TV (such as a DVR or DVD player), or if you have a recent TiVo or Dish receiver, you can use their app to access your recordings on the DVR remotely.


    If you are using a service/device that supports it, it works quite well.


    You need to have a service/device that supports it.

    Solution 3:
    Online access.


    Popular movie channels such as Showtime and HBO offer, if you subscribe to their service, online access to the content you have access to. You can watch the latest True Blood and Game of Thrones episodes on your smartphone or tablet by simply installing their app and logging into your account.

    Also Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are great ways to stream movies and TV shows, however, Amazon Prime doesn't work on all devices.

    Other solutions are apps from TV networks like CW, that enable you to watch, with advertising at fixed intervals, recent TV show episodes as well.


    With pay-services like HBO Go, the experience is perfect. Full access to all the episodes of popular TV shows and of course the entire movie selection of the month.


    Obviously, with the pay-services, you are limited to the content that that channel offers. Showtime TV shows like Dexter are not accessible through HBO Go, and Game of Thrones and True Blood are not accessible through the Showtime app.

    With the free services, the advertising can be a bit problematic. Watching an episode of Arrow through the CW app works great, but when it switches to advertising, it has a habit of affecting the video stream, forcing you to start over and work through the commercials again and again and again.

    Solution 4
    : Home media server.


    If the computer at home is always on, you can use apps such as XBMC (link), Plex (link), Tversity (link) or PS3 Media Server (link) to turn it into a media center (or HTPC). Sort of similar as using a DVR, these Media Center applications provide access to videos, with the main difference being that unlike the DVR solutions, these applications access videos on your computer (or on a network/removable drive).

    Some of these you can access through a web browser on just about any device, and others require the installation of an app on your device in order to be able to access the content.


    Fully configurable to make it "your own". Especially if you have the computer connected directly to a TV, it makes it extremely easy to access your content.


    You will need to provide the content you want to stream. If you want to use it with DVDs or Bluray, you will need to convert/rip the content from the disc and copy it to your computer.

    With the first 3 solutions, WiFi access is the biggest requirement. While these solutions provide a great way for being able to watch movies and TV on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3, running your wireless connection at full blast drains the battery quickly. And while some of these work over your 3G/4G LTE connection as well, you might run into data issues.

    With the 4th option, the media server solution, comes a bonus. Because of its requirement of having the movies and shows stored on your computer, you can, aside from streaming the videos, copy them over to your Galaxy Note 3 as well. By storing the movies on your device, you don't need a wifi or 3G/4G reception in order to be able to watch the movie. Of course you can purchase/rent movies through Amazon/Google Play/iTunes and download them to your device, but these movies require an account verification at regular intervals, making it a bit tricky to use when on a flight (no internet access) for example. Without an online requirement, the battery will last a lot longer (more movies) and you know you are able to watch your movies anywhere.

    For detailed instructions on how to create video files from DVD (and other formats) that work on your Galaxy Note 3 by means of streaming as well as simply copying them over to the device itself, have a look here:

    The guide explains step by step how you can put movies on your Galaxy Note 3 with fast, easy and most importantly, a lot cheaper than if you would purchase/rent your movies again online.
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    Useful tips, thanks @dvdcatalyst for a detailed post. I just have one more streaming app to add which I have been using for couple of months now. It is ArkMC. You can stream any type of video files from your smartphone/tablet to another UpnP/DLNA compatible device.
    Can be used by XBMC, Allshare TV and iPTV too.
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