Strangely, it's my AMOLED display that contines to draw mild ire from apple click.

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    Against the strong suggestive of my friends, I did not get an Iphone 4 but instead got a hTc Droid Incredible. I'm not a brand loyalist by far and I chose my Incredible solely for it's high ranking in phone camera reviews. It has replaced my Motorolla ZN5 which had long been the best in it's class for a camera phone.
    The Incredible has been an impressive replacement camerawise, and of course in many other ways as well. It well outperforms the Iphone 4 in taking still images, but does slightly suffer in video production, where the apple is smoother with fps. My Iphone clickish friends constantly tease and mock my Droid as though it was an oppositional football team. I just laugh them off and go on. However, overtime I've observed them taking particular notice in one regard with my Droid against their Iphones, and that is how much vibrant and colorfull my screen is compared to theirs. I find even more ammusing is how it seems to GENUINELY make them a bit angry. I read reviews that claim the difference between Super-LCD and AMOLED is only faintly noticeable, but I see almost a night and days difference in color comparison. For photo enthusiast, the AMOLED's color vibrancy is a real treat.
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    Any1 who says they can't tell a diff either owns an SLCD unwillingly or straight up has bad eyes. Def a night and day difference between the two technologies. Root your phone if you havent already. Wont ever think about comparing it to an iphone anything again.

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