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    I've done a search and haven't been able to find anyone with an issue quite like mine.
    I have the GS3 running version 4.1.1 paired with my 2012 Veloster with a 2013 factory AV system.
    I can pair the phone with the car AV system with no problem. If I have the GS3 bluetooth turned on when I start the car, it works and auto connects just fine.
    However, if I disconnect from a call, receive a text, email, or, simply hit the volume button on the phone, it disconnects from the car AV.
    The media screen on the car AV system has a Pandora button. With the bluetooth on and connected, if I hit the Pandora button, the phone will wake up, Pandora starts, as soon as the music starts to play, it disconnects from the car AV.
    I have checked the boxes next to call audio and media audio. After the phone disconnects on its own, I can go back to that menu and the boxes are no longer checked.
    I am baffled....any ideas?
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