Stopping ringtones?

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    Hey guys, just a quick question and I apologize if this has been asked before. I just got the Incredible and got my ringtones working and all but is there a way to stop the ringtone when someone calls/texts me by just pushing a button?

    Say I get a text, I have to first, pull the phone out of my pocket, unlock the phone, then click on "Messages" just to stop it. I want to be able to reach in my pocket and just press something that will make it stop, is this possible?

    I ask this because if I'm at work and I'm busy, I don't want my ringtone blaring for the full 30 seconds. Now I know some of you will say to just put it on vibrate or lower the volume, well I rarely notice the vibration and I'm not going to raise/lower the volume every day before and after work. Just pressing a random button would be much more convenient.

    Thanks guys.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that pushing the volume buttons does not silence the phone, on all my other phones it did though.
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