Stock Rooted Rom For The LG G4 H815

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    If you were one of the few to receive a preview version of the LG G4 or possibly someone who decided to purchase the unlocked international version of the LG G4 you probably already know that your H815 variant is bootloader unlockable via the LGdeveloper website. Once you have unlocked your bootloader you will be able to install a custom recovery. This is where the fun begins! There are already a handful of Roms floating around out there for the LG G4 H815. AutoPrime was first out of the gate with his build of the stock rom which is also rooted! There are no customizations with this rom. You get 100% stock plus root or just simply 100% stock. Both roms are odexed. There are also a few extras included here such as flashable modem, boot, and bootanimation. Grab this rom from the link below.

    via XDA
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