Stock rooted Droid 4 will not update to ICS! Please help!

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by DJMike, Nov 8, 2012.

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    I have a Droid 4 running Gingerbread 219. I have been trying for days to do the OTA update to ICS, however everytime it gets one quarter of the way through then fails. HEre is a quick summary of what has happened to my phone. I hope someone can help me out with this.

    2 Months ago, the LCD on my phone broke and I brought it to a local repair shop to have it fixed as I had no insurance on the phone. While the phone was in repair, the ICS OTA update was released. When I got the phone back, i brought it home, unfroze the bloatware apps with titanium backup, then used the Droid 4 GB utility to unroot soo i could perform the OTA Update. This is when things became odd. The update failed shortly after it began. The Phone had a full battery and all was as it should be. However, I noticed that, when i went into Titanium backup and other *Root Only* apps, they still seemed to function, even though superuser and root were removed AND the root checker tool said I was not rooted. So, I ran the unroot tool a few more times and tried the update a few more times. all failed. Finally i settled on a Factory reset. AFter doing a factory reset of the phone system through the moto recovery bootloader on the phone, i attempted the Update again and IT STILL FAILED!

    At this point, i am beyond frustrated.
    anyone have an Idea what could be causing the fail? Could it have something to do with the LCD repair?

    My trouble gets worse, not being new to flashing or rooting, i decided to just install a custom rm on the phone instead I found Fishbears untouch ICS Moto Blur rom and was looking at the instructions for flashing. The problem I have found now is, In order to flash a rom to this phone while still on GB, I need Safestrap 1.9 (as what I have read says safestrap 2.0 is for the ICS rom only). I cannot find Safestrap 1.9 anywhere, not even on Hashcodes site and the 2.0 wont even install on my device.

    So, I really don't care if i get the Official OTA update, or if I flash a Rom. I just want true ICS on my phone so I can move forward with my Android existence! I don't want to risk damaging the phone beyond repair as its the only one I have left. ANyone who can provide me with a detailed guide or some downloadable files so I can accomplish my goal.... Well, I would be beyond grateful.

    Is there anyway I can return the phone to stock gingerbread without safestrap? Like with a fastboot file and RDSLite? Whats the best course of action.

    Thanks again.
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