Stock [ROM] TW Kit Kat 4.4.2 i545VRUFNC2 For MDK Bootloader

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    With the new ota kit kat update dropping for the Galaxy S4 you are probably wanting to give it a shot if you are running the Loki hacked bootloader, but know that you won't be able to without first returning your device back to full stock touch wiz. This is just not an option if you are fortunate enough to still be running the Loki Hack which is essentially a device with an unlocked bootloader. No worries while you won't be able to run the full on OTA just yet as a rom version has not yet been made available, developer "jrkruse" has packaged up the recently leaked build of 4.4.2. This is rooted and deodexed with busybox preinstalled. Simply flash this rom in TWRP or CWM recovery like you would any other rom. Head to the OP link below for the downloads.

    Via XDA
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