Stock Google News Feed Problems...

Discussion in 'Thunderbolt Tech Support' started by mikezq8ss, Apr 26, 2011.

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    For some reason if I have the screen off for an extended time (half hour or longer) 99% of the time when I turn it back on the News Feed Subscriptions list pops up, showing me what I'm subscribed to. For about a week and a half it's been doing this... I pulled all the news feed blocks I was using off my screen and that didn't solve it. Then I FC'ed everything pretty much and restarted my phone multiple times, followed by battery pulls, shut downs, and everything you could imagine.

    Stupid thing still keeps popping up from time to time. It's not as frequent, but at 4:30 am when you're trying to shut your phones alarm off, it's annoying as hell to be trying to figure out what screen it's on, and why your alarm won't stop making noise lol.

    Anyone got any idea what's up with this? Is it a Google thing, and not a phone thing? And if so, can I take care of it online from a desktop/laptop? It's not exactly something I want to return this phone over... but it's frustrating when some crap keeps popping up that you don't want anymore.