Stock email program using exchange / sudden change in data usage

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by tlfd286, Sep 30, 2012.

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    I'll keep this brief... I've been using my Razr and the stock email program with my exchange email for about 2 months now without an issue. The last few days my email is no longer "pushing" to the phone unless I go into program and refresh. Also the last two days my battery life is about 25% of what it normally is. Now I haven't downloaded anything new over the last couple days but something is very different.

    Data usage for my Email averages about .5mb to 1mb at maximum per day. The last 2-3 days my data usage on the Email program is anywhere from 250mb to 400+mb per day. Now that I'm on the new data plan I've been very careful about my data usage and I'm very much aware of the arrows beneath the 3G/4G icon on the notification bar. During this same time frame, when I'm not on WIFI these arrows are constantly lit up, which I thought indicated an exchange of data.

    So is anybody aware of something different with the Email program (which by the way never has any updates available?)? Or is anybody aware of anything else that might have changed with the network or the phone in the last few days? I've made no changes to the settings, and no new downloads. (I'm a if-it-ain't-broke kinda guy)...

    I would really appreciate anybody's help, this is very frustrating.\

    Thanks, Ken.