Stock Audio app interferes with phone calls.

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    Hello All,
    I have been searching for any posts (I'm sure they're out there) on this issue, but I cannot find anything quite like my issue. The phone does not allow me to make or receive calls due to interference from the stock audio player app. If I try to make a call, it will ring once, then the call gets disconnected and the stock audio app turns on and all i hear is whatever song it decides to play. I receive a call, say hello and same thing hangs up then plays music. When this first happened, I rooted the phone and updated to gingerbread, this did not help. I then accessed the music app and changed the file name to .bak and deleted all my mp3s on the SD card and phone. Now, I make phone calls, and it just hangs up. or best case scenario the call goes out but it is muted. I unmute it and the regular speaker doesn't work, so I put it on speaker phone once every 10 times or so the phone stays and I have a conversation, the other 9 times, the call gets hung up on.
    This all started with the speaker being really difficult to hear/muffled sound so I would just use the speaker phone. I got sick of using speaker phone and tried various ways of fixing it, only to make it worse. Now it works VERY sporadically. sometimes (very rarely) it works fine, usually it doesn't at all. please help. BTW i have a moto droid 1 android 2.3.5 with peter alfonso's kernel. build # GRJ90.
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