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    hello fellow droid users !
    just posting my new member introduction thread.
    had my motolora droid for few months but still have no clue what to do.
    all i have done so far was just download bunch of apps
    then reset to factory defaults if it gets too clustered....
    or mainly just use the phone feature.
    i dont know anything about android devices or system period
    but i want to use my phone to its full potential
    so im hoping this forum will help me get the best of my motorola droid.
    so thats me ~

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    :welcome: to the Droid Forum. Sounds to me that you're experiencing the learning curve that many of us had to go through to learn how to use the Droid, and quite honestly I'm surprised you haven't given up and blamed the phone for not being able to grasp it's concept.

    There is indeed a huge learning curve that people have to go through. The good news is you now have 50,000 new friends to help you get through this learning curve.

    Start by reading our FAQ's section because so many of the answers are in there. When you get stuck ask for help, if you need to pm me personally and I'll try to help you. I really admire the fact that you realize it's you "not getting the phone" and shows you're willing to learn.

    Thanks for becoming a member of the Forum. Let us know if there is anything we can do for you.