Step by Step - OTA root droid to 2.3

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    I just spent 2 hours trying to figure out the OTA update to 2.3 on a droid X.

    My phone:
    Rooted Droid X running 2.2
    Deleted some stock apps (yeah deleted not renamed)

    Try to update droid X os to 2.3 and after downloading it fails? WTF???

    1) Download the back to stock zipfile.
    2) Move or copy this file into the SD root folder.
    3) Go on android market and download:
    Rom Manager
    4) Go on android market and download:
    Droid X bootStraper
    (if you want to download the apk you can do a search on the internet. And install it using root explorer to install)
    5) Run Droid X bootstraper
    Hit Bootstrap Recovery
    6) Exit out of Droid X bootstrap
    7) Run Rom Manager
    8) Click "Flash Clockwork Mod Recovery"
    9) then click "Reboot into recovery"
    (note if it doesnt restart check the Super user permission and make sure rom manager and bootstrap are enabled. This was why my phone wasnt restarting.)
    10) Phone will restart -
    11) Phone will show the kernel. Use the volume control to find the file of the large zip file.
    12) Hit camera button to select the file and install
    13) After it installs - it will be at the kernel again. Select restart using the camera button.
    14) Phone should reboot into normal droid X boot up
    15) Go to phone settings - > about phone - > System updates
    16) Should allow you to download the update and install
    17) After it downloads the update of 2.3 it will restart and show the kernel screen again.
    18) Anytime you reset your phone / power on and off your phone will boot into clock work mod:
    To disable this follow the directions below:

    This was given by Hostility6 and it worked for me.
    1. Reroot
    2. Get root explorer in the market
    3. Uninstall the bootstrap app
    4. Go into root explorer to system/bin
    5. In top right corner tap r/w
    6. Delete the file called hijack
    7. Delete logwrapper
    8. Rename logwrapper.bin to just logwrapper
    9. Reboot and it should be gone.

    That my friend is 2 hours of research and screwing up to get the 2.3 update OTA. Yeah now I can play madden 11 - was it worth it? Probably not :)

    PS - this will set your phone to be "non rooted" so you have to root your phone again.
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    ROTFLMAF:rofl3:......that is funny. I never used rom manager to flash anything ever. But good notes. I've been reading alot about how to upgrade from 2.315. And all are interesting.
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