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    I bring you 3 tweaks for the status bar area of your Droid. These are installed with MetaMorph. I want to thank haledroid for allowing me to change up his Wireless signal theme.

    These were tested on a Droid 1, make sure you do backup before installing and again, these are MetaMorph themes


    New 3G signal meter for the status bar area. the top row shows E,H,G signal in blue and 1x signal in yellow and 3G signal in green. If all grey then connection is present for any signal.

    The top color is inbound and bottom color is outbound for row 2 and 3


    Next is the new Wireless signal meter. This will show the status of the Wireless signal as shown above for signal strength


    The last tweak is the Colorful round battery indicator as shown above. This will show different colors during discharge and charging. The screen shot also shows the other meters in use as well.
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